About me

About me

At the age of 6, Pierre began piano lessons at the Fribourg Conservatory with Susanne Rüfenacht. In 2004, he graduated from the professional school with Christine Slongo with a teaching diploma in piano. During his education he already taught at a private music school, worked as a co-repetitor (piano accompanist) and played in various rock and pop bands (M-Force, Andy Portmann, Flourish etc.).

After graduating from the "Hochschule der Künste" in Bern in 2006, he received the certificates "NDK Instrument and Theory" and "NDK Composition and Arrangement".

Since 2009 he has been working as a piano teacher at the Fribourg Conservatory in Düdingen and Wünnewil. This as his main activity, he teaches with passion and commitment.

As an active pianist, he devotes most of his time to co-repetition. At the Fribourg Conservatory he accompanies recital exercises and examinations and is regularly active in Swiss, cantonal and regional soloist competitions. Specialising in the accompaniment of brass and woodwind instruments, he now has a repertoire of around 1000 pieces of all levels of difficulty for beginners to university graduates. String instruments and singers are also among his playing partners from time to time.

For some years now, he has been composing and arranging music pieces for various instruments, formations and orchestral forms. He was quickly able to celebrate early successes. With his composition "Metropolitan Suite" for brass band, he won the international composition competition for the Swiss Youth Brass Band (NJBB) in 2008. Since then he has been a sought-after composer in the world of brass bands and brass instruments. He was commissioned by the Swiss Brass Band Association to compose "Cha das Caldeiras" as a compulsory piece for 3rd strength brass bands at the 2014 Swiss Brass Band Competition in Montreux. His work "Colosseo" was commissioned by the Fribourg Cantonal Music Association as a compulsory piece for 3rd class brass bands at the 2015 Fribourg Cantonal Music Festival. Works by him have been immortalised on recordings by renowned brass bands such as the Fodens' Band from England, the National Youth Brass Band of Switzerland and the Brass Band Fribourg. In 2009 and 2011 he composed the works for brass quartet "Humoreske e Intermezzo", "Imaginations" and "Quarté" as compulsory pieces for the Swiss Quartet Competition (SSQW).

Commissioned compositions for the Fribourg Conservatory, for soloists with piano and/or ensemble accompaniment, small ensembles, wind orchestras, string orchestras and children are also among his works, with which the performers have achieved success at competitions, concerts or other occasions. For solo piano he composes and arranges mainly for his piano students. Countless (as yet) unpublished arrangements and original compositions for piano lie in his archive.

His works are published by WoodBrass Music SA and Difem.