Ragab's Milk

Pierre Schmidhäusler
Trombone & Piano
Medium - Advanced
6'20 min.

Pour les classes de cuivres du Conservatoire de Fribourg / Für die Blechbläserklassen des Konservatoriums Freiburg

Ragab's Milk
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The inspiration for "Ragab's Milk" came from a funny experience during a family holiday in Egypt. Our then 3-year-old daughter needed her traditional bottle of milk in the evening before going to sleep. Our tour guide at the time was called "Ragab", a seasoned, proud and all-knowing Egyptian. When we asked him to urgently get pasteurised cow's milk for our baby, he was visibly overwhelmed and suddenly not so confident. A funny situation (in the end we were able to get milk from the hotel). The idea of a proud Egyptian rushing around the Egyptian desert to find a bag of cow's milk prompted me to write this piece.

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